Welcome To Red Bone Tool

Redbone Tool manufactures innovative products that help improve CNC Machining, including coolant rings and USB adapters. In addition to this, our team can help assist CNC Machining and Fabrication companies in software upgrades to make their shop more efficient.

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Want to Know more?

Whether you are interested in making your CNC Machining and Fabrication shop more efficient or want to improve your existing setup with modern features, Redbone Tool can help. We invite you to browse or products and services to find the right fit for your shop’s unique needs.

About Us

Redbone is a CNC Machine shop specializing in lathe and mill work. In addition to our own products we do general job shop work in aerospace and the energy sectors.



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Ready To Get Started?

If you have questions about the various products or services that Redbone Tool provides or want to make sure you will have the perfect fit before ordering, our team is here to help. Contact us today to learn more or find the answers to your CNC Machining and Fabrication shop’s questions.